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January 10, 2016 Sylvia Whitehouse

PickleBallCrazy was created by a real pickleball enthusiast. The Owner, Sylvia Whitehouse, spent her

formative years playing softball. At 40 she took up tennis as a beginner, ultimately achieving a USTA

4.5 rating at age 50. In 2014, after being prodded to give “Pickleball” a try, Sylvia was hooked from

day one and hung up her tennis raquet! In October of 2015, she played in her first Pickleball

tournament and won a Gold medal in Woman’s 4.5 Doubles and a Silver in the Woman’s Open

division at the Geezermeister Tournament in Summerfield, Florida. In December 2015, Sylvia won

the Gold Medal at the Florida International Senior Games and State Championship in the Woman’s 50-

54 Doubles division. Sylvia is a registered Hospice & Palliative Care licensed nurse.